Factory came about when Leang Kim told Corbett Hix he had access to an old factory space and was thinking of a doing a technology hub there. This all happened over the phone and Corbett had no idea of the scale of the project. About five minutes into the site, Corbett had about 20 “wow” moments, seeing the potential not only for a technology hub, but something might be even bigger. 


A few sleepless nights later, a five-page concept was written, proposing not only a space to incubate young Cambodian technologists, but also artists, makers, musicians and anyone with the dedication to take an idea into reality.

Factory Phnom Penh, launching in January 2018, will grow over its five-year time span, allowing our residents to help determine the direction of the project.


Development Partners

Lead Developer

Urban Living Solutions (ULS)is a strategic management and investment firm focused on creating innovative solutions to Cambodia’s fast-growing urbanization. ULS aims to provide solutions to a large range of Cambodians, with a focus on the emerging middle class. ULS is the developer of the Urban Hub project (Factory and the associated residential development).


Cambo Builders was founded in 2016 with a focus on quality construction using modern materials, techniques and management that just make sense. Cambo Builders is the lead contractor on the Factory Development.



Architectural Coordination

BLOOM is a Phnom Penh based architecture oce helping to build the next generation of Khmer Architecture. Their designs aim to trigger new behaviors and set new standards while recting on the cultural heritage of a place.



Want to work together?

Have an idea for an art project? Have an awesome thought on how to use one of our buildings? Want to help us take over the world?