We want Factory to be your second home.


We want Factory to be your second home. In truth, we also want it to be your workplace, your kitchen and a place to relax. So, to make sure you always have ways to keep your tummy filled and coffee brewing, we’re partnering with some of the best outlets Cambodia has to offer. We’ll be scaling up throughout 2018, with more options on the way.

Fulcrum lies at the center of Factory 1, next door to Workspace 1. Focusing on amazing coffee and affordable food, it matches world-class lattes with delicious Khmer and international dishes. Need some coffee for home? Bulk beans will be roasted on site thanks to our fantastic partners at Feel Good, who have trained dozens of the city’s top baristas and been whipping up some of Cambodia’s best blends since 2013.

La Cantina

Let by a Spanish chef leading an Asian kitchen, our canteen features reasonably priced everyday food. Over 80 seats to feed the lunchtime masses and located in the heart of the campus.

Food Cart Alley

We should actually say “alleys” because there’s a lot of space to wander through. Coming later in 2018, Food Cart Alley will expand to offer a range of Khmer and international food and drink options that won’t break the bank. The carts are on wheels, so the stall you picked up your noodles from last week may be parked at a different section of the site today. Or something entirely new may be in its place!

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