You spend as much time at the office as you do in bed, shouldn’t it be just as exciting?

Factory is thrilled to be launching the most creative office options in Phnom Penh. Starting in 2018, we’ll be introducing over 2,000 square meters of office space nestled between art-filled alleyways and located just fifty meters from a constant supply of damn good coffee. Showers, locker rooms, human-centered (and a little bit crazy) design, green spaces, food and beverage options, dozens of meeting rooms, Factory share-bikes, and Justin Bieber, all within a 4-minute walk.

All of this is available at Factory.

(except Justin Bieber, that’s a lie)



Share meeting rooms



Campus-wide WIFI

24 Hour Security



Skateboard Park


Simple, $12 per square meter, no management fee.

This includes a set number of hours each month (depending on rented size) of conference room use, as well as access to other shared amenities. 

Rental price excludes 10% VAT.

Size (SQM) Months 1 Months 32-60
60 $0.00 $720
90 $0.00 $1080
120 $0.00 $1440
160 $0.00 $1920


Fitted & Unfurnished

ULS will manage the final fit-out of space. Offices include interior walls, doors, electrical outlets, lighting and 1 air conditioner for approximately every 35 SQM (dependent on design). Additional design or build fees may apply for special requests.


1 month for each year of rent.


Office spaces do not have dedicated water access or drainage. Each floor is equipped with 2 bathrooms and a small shared kitchenette with a sink, microwave and filtered water. 


Factory provides cleaning services for hallways, bathrooms and shared spaces as well as trash pick-up (included in rent). Tenants are responsible for cleaning and maintenance inside offices. 


The tenant is responsible for electricity consumption in rented space only. Rates will be government rates + 8% to offset consumption in shared spaces. Electricity for walkways and conference rooms provided by Factory.

VAT Excluded

Stated prices do not include 10% VAT for rental.

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